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Spongebob Carnival 2.0

Tons of mini-games in each tent just press and follow instructions
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Spongebob Carnival is a game based on an American animated television series called SpongeBob SquarePants.
Spongebob Carnival has a simple and colorful interface especially designed to be attractive mostly for kids. The menu will allow you turn on/off the music during the game and to pause/resume the game at any time. The game itself is in fact a collection of nine mini games. For each of these games the controls are different, so you should pay attention to the loading screen, as it shows which keys are the ones to be used. Anyway, you can always click on the “how to play” button to review the keys.

Once you run the game you will be asked to select between single player or two player modes. In the single player mode you can select to play either with Spongebob or Patrick, another character from the animated series. The mini games are organized as tents and as soon as you start hovering the mouse over them it will show you their name and a small description. Most of the games, for example: “whack-an-ell”, “tic-tac accuracy”, “deep sea sharpshooters”, are based on “aim and shoot” actions and require fast coordination and accuracy.

Spongebob Carnival offers a nice collection of entertaining games that your kids will surely enjoy playing.

Mario Procione
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